Thursday, November 24, 2016

Medieval memories


headpiece:[NC] - The Duchess Headpiece - Beige-White StoneNEW! @Cosmopolitan event

necklace:[NC]- Crystal Necklace - Gold-Blue Stone
dress:C&N Medieval dress Casandra gown

[NC] - Elegant Cabinet - Red NEW! @Cosmopolitan event

showcase:[NC] - High Class Showcase NEW! @Enchantment Hansel & Gretel

table:[NC] - Baroque Table
meal:[NC]- Chicken Dish/[NC]- Soup Dish/*SL* Medieval Food Drinks/*SL* Medieval Food Fishes
chair:[NC] - Baroque Chair V.2
fireplace:[NC] - Antique Fireplace (Light)
wallclock:[NC]- Wall Pendulum
altar+lamp:[NC] - Golden Altar/]NC] - The Golden Altar - Table Lamp
vases:[NC] - Spathiphyllum Vase/[NC] - Yucca Plant Vase
braziel:[NC] - Medieval Braziel

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