Tuesday, June 13, 2017

You are in safe now

 horse:~*WH*~ Riding Horse (Western Quarter Horse)

horse unicorn set:Jinx : Unicorn Set @at main store NEW!
Jinx : Unicorn Beard
Jinx : Unicorn Feathers
Jinx : Unicorn Forelock
Jinx : Unicorn Horn
Jinx : Unicorn Mane
Jinx : Unicorn Mane Plaits
Jinx : Unicorn Tail

saddle bridle:Jinx : Aerith Tack Candy Floss (QH) @NEW! Extra Shade for the new Aerith Tack Set! Candy Floss - now available at We <3 Roleplay - 25% off for duration of the event

Jinx :  Aerith Saddle Candy Floss - Quarter Horse
Jinx : Aerith Bridle Candy Floss (Quarter Horse)
Jinx : Aerith Girth - Candy Floss

headpiece:*LODE* Head Accessory - Philadelphus [white]

fawn:**[Black Bantam] Basic Editorial Fawn White

wings:Ascendant Wings

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