Monday, May 14, 2018

Chase the Cheshire "contest entry"


pose: Foxcity. Numb old pose
dress:W-ZERO  -00-Alice Dress@Enchantment
shoes:Wicca's Wardrobe - Mirana Booties @Enchantment
hair with bow:Love [Curious]@Enchantment
roses with faces:Boudoir Wonderland Gacha-Pink/Red/Yellow Rose old items
signs:Boudoir Mad Hatter Party Sign old item
toadstools:Boudoir Giant Mushrooms Chairs old item
spotted table+seat in front small spotted red purple mushrooms:{RW} Spotted Mushroom Table/seat@Enchantment
big mushrooms:Raindale - Wonderland mushroom @Enchantment
three red small mushrooms in front:5. {U} Small Shrooms - COMMON@Enchantment
mushroom creatures:2. {U} ShroomMan - Spotted - COMMON@Enchantment
tiny long legs mushrooms:Serenity Style-Mystic Mushrooms (mystic lights on touch) old item
Cheshire:*HEXtraordinary* Cheshire Cat Companion @Enchantment

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